Lock down update:

Fleety and Rosie have survived a bad episode with the virus get well soon.

Our bikes (and ourselves) have never been cleaner.

If this crap teaches us anything it is to live in the now, bigger, better faster more.


First plan for after the lockdown is for a massive drunken get together as soon as the pubs open.

A Bit About Us

Hefty Hamptons MotorCycle Club has been around since the early 1980's. Based at that time around the infamous pub the Spread Eagle in Ashton-Under-Line and other local venues and with original members coming from around the Manchester area. Hefty Hamptons MCC has never had a formal structure, it is based around a deep 35 year brotherhood, a big fat noisy family and maybe that's why we are still here. We have one basic rule, Membership is strictly by invitation only.

This site is the first time we have done anything to formalise the club so we can share some memories, pay our respects to our lost brothers and our missing mates, who for various reasons of family and work have become more distant and missed all the more for that.

The HHMCC site is not just for Hamptons, you are all welcome here.  

We are on FB, we also have a private events page but we gotta know who you are before you get in on that, if you want to join us in the general mayhem say hello through FB or use the contact us thing on here.

               RIP Brothers


Shout Box